Saturday, March 14, 2020

A common proverb is Actions speak louder than wo Essays - Philosophy

A common proverb is Actions speak louder than wo Essays - Philosophy A common proverb is Actions speak louder than words. This phrase means that words are meaningless without actions. Actions give purpose to your words because people say and make promises but have no intentions on keeping them. Acting according to your word will allow people to be more inspired and will most likely draw people to you. For instance, a candidate who honors his word will more likely be chosen over a candidate who doesn't. Lastly, without actions, there are no results. So therefore, actions give meanings to your words, people are most likely to be inspired by someone who honors their word, and without actions there are no results. In today's world, everyone has the freedom to say anything that he or she wishes to say. However, this does not mean that everything we say is truthful and should be taken literally. When someone declares something magnificent that they wish to achieve, how many of them actually take steps towards this goal. To truly discover who someone is, one must understand their body language and how they act. Often times, what people say and their actions can be entirely different, in this instance, it is more reliable to trust the latter. Furthermore, words are easier to forget, while actions are harder to forget because they have a more lasting physical effect on people and the world around them. Actions, compared to words, are concrete and have an everlasting impression. Words are meaningless without tangible evidence that proves what a person says. By this, a person may express claims, or go as far as threaten another person, to place inspiration or fear in them, but their statements are less meaningful unless they go through with what was said. Examples of this can be found in the politics, local communities, and everyday life. The new and current President of the United States, Donald Trump, told the public one of his plans for the country would include immigration bans. After the election was over, Trump pulled back from those. However, President Trump recently took action and the immigration ban temporarily prevents people and refugees from predominantly Muslims countries from entering the United States. His actions showed the world that he would keep his word and this helps people understand how actions must be followed through in order to get the meaning of what o ne says. Actions, while powerful, still are matched and to some overwritten by words. Words have the power to build nations or tear them apart. Additionally, words can be spread by means of mass communication while actions would only be seen by those present at the time that the action was done. However, while words are able to be communicated, if no action ever took place, then words would not matter and people will always be able to tell others of the events they witnessed. Words also have a unique way of inspiring people. Furthermore, words have the power to warn an audience of what may become our future if we don't take action. While all of these points are valid, the world is not built purely on words. After all, when words exist conflict arises that only action has the power to end. In conclusion, while an argument can be made that words are stronger than actions, without actions the world would not be able to make the necessary steps that are needed to have the world be where it is today. All things considered, actions give meaning to your words, create results, and ultimately have the power to influence people more than words. It's important to follow through with actions so that the things you do are coherent with the things you say. Otherwise, your words are futile and ineffective. Actions also create results and essentially influence people more than words. If you had to choose between showing your love or saying I love you, which one would make more of an impact?

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