Thursday, February 27, 2020

Final exam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Final exam - Essay Example lution in any way and it would be very wise for any person to accept reality as a stepping stone in trying to solve different kinds of problems that we encounter every day in our lives. Basically, real life is concerned with solving problems hence it would be sheer waste of time to be found crying when confronted with a difficult situation because life itself is an experience where we encounter new things on a daily basis. There was a time when I was so devastated after loosing my most prized possession, a state of the art laptop to thieves. I even contemplated committing suicide but little did I know then that greater things were lying ahead. From this traumatic experience, I learned that it is a noble gesture to accept reality. I reassured myself that, if in the first place I managed to buy this machine with a purpose in life, there was nothing whatsoever that would stop me from replacing it. Whilst recounting the loss, this unfortunate incident rekindled the sense of self determin ation in my life and within a couple of weeks, I had acquired an even more advanced machine. I also learned that it was always very wise to take precautionary measures of also storing my data on an external hard drive such that I would not loose my valuable information in the event of a similar incident mentioned above. From this experience, I realized that the tendency of submitting yourself to fate does not solve anything in real life. By virtue of accepting reality, one stands better chances of solving problems than someone who believes in crying. Over and above, it can be noted that sometimes really bad things may happen to our lives but that would not in actual fact spell the end of the world. Accepting reality is a virtue and there is no use of behaving like a cry baby in the case of misfortunes as this would not reverse the actual situation on the ground. In fact, we gain more experience from such kind of bad

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